Gabriel Mata

Gabriel Mata graduated Outstanding Graduating Senior from San José State University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance, training in Limón technique under the tutelage of Gary Masters and Raphaël Boumaïla. He has performed Limón’s Mazurkas, excerpts from The Winged, and Chaccone. Gabriel has also worked with choreographers including Robert Dekkers, Keith Johnson, Margaret Wingrove, Wynn Fricke, Kara Davis, Hsiang Hsiu-Lin, Joel Smith, Heather Cooper, Raphaël Boumaïla, and Gary Masters. He has danced for Opera San Jose, Mark Foehringher Dance Projects SF, and Katharine Hawthorne. Gabriel currently performs with sjDANCEco directed by Gary Masters and Maria Basile, as well as REACH BC Dance Company directed by Raphaël Boumaïla and Heather Cooper, in addition to his work with Post:Ballet. Through his current project Gabriel Mata/Movements, he is developing and promoting himself as a independent artist and choreographer.

Photo by Daniel O’Neill