Post:It Puppy Love

Post:It Puppy Love

Even though they aren’t seen onstage or with us in the dressing room, our pets all have leading roles in our lives. Even Lassie Come Home actress Elizabeth Taylor acknowledged: “some of my best leading men have been dogs.” Here’s to our adorable pets – hope you enjoy meeting them!

Caroline Langner, dancer, and her Cavalier King Charles Spaniels Boomer and Chippy

Caroline Langner and Boomer dog

Caroline Langner and Chippy dog
These are my two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Boomer (black, white, and brown) and Chippy (Blenheim). Boomer is a turner and loves to pirouette when doing the “dinner dance!” Chippy, on the other hand, is quite the little dancer. He loves petit allegro, especially when he is about to get a treat!

Charles Martin, dancer, and his pal Tally

Charles Martin and dog

This is Tally – he’s actually my boyfriend’s dog. This is a picture of us on a road trip to see my boyfriend’s family for Christmas. Tally normally gets the front seat in a car, but this time I did, so he slept most of the drive. Then about an hour away, he woke up and got excited because he realized where we were going. He did his excited tap dance in the back seat and jumped up front to ride in my lap the rest of the way! He is the sweetest dog ever!

Cora Cilburn, dancer, and her furry friend Ebbie

Core Cilburn and Ebbie dog

This is Ebbie and me on a hike in New Mexico, one of the first we took together (and perhaps one of the few times she was well-behaved during her first month living with us!) We adopted her the summer after I graduated high school. For months no one wanted her because everyone thought she was overweight. However, we fell in love with her eyes and spirit, and what do you know — as soon as we brought her home we gave her a brushing and sheaths of hair came off; turns out her fur was just matted! Definitely missing her now that I’m away!

Christian Squires, dancer and costume designer, and his rescue dog Lincoln

Christian Squires and Lincoln dog

This is Christian with his family dog Lincoln, who was rescued after being abused and abandoned. Christian’s family found him on the side of the highway, took him in, and nursed him back to health! ♥

Jan Berletti, wardrobe supervisor, and (great) Great Dane Bolero

Jan and dog

Bolero is named after Ravel’s music, but the socks on his feet make me wonder if his name should be Forsythe! Bolero enjoys listening to music and jumping.

Lauren Chandler, blogger, and naughty kitty Boo BooLauren and Booboo

This is Mr. Blue, who was a homeless cat until my great aunt lured him into her living room in Richmond with food. He ended up staying with us once she couldn’t take care of him anymore. No one else wanted to adopt him because he is cross-eyed, missing half his teeth, and eats a lot (he weighs 13 lbs) so after awhile, he became our third cat. I call him Boo Boo because it suits him better. He is very sweet, and enjoys being petted and scratched at all times!

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