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***We’ve Reached our goal! A heartfelt thanks to all who supported our vision. Because of your generosity, we’re able to share Lavender Country with our community!

This fall, Post:Ballet is collaborating with America’s first gay country music band, Lavender Country (lead by singer/songwriter Patrick Haggerty) on an inspiring performance experience that will bring the 1973 self-titled Lavender Country album to life on November 17 and 18, 2017 at Z Space Theater.

Part dance performance and part live concert, this original presentation of Lavender Country celebrates the fearlessness and radical defiance of Haggerty- and all artists and activists who make bold and honest work to champion the fight for equality- in a production that both pays tribute to where we’ve been and looks forward to where we still have yet to go.

By supporting Post:Ballet’s “Lavender Country” fundraising campaign, you can help us bring this original work to life. This production falls outside of our regular performance season, so we’re reaching out to you- our patrons and friends- to help us manifest this original collaboration. Ticket sales only account for 50% of the total budget for this production, so any gift big or small goes a long way! With your support, we can reach our $10,000 goal by October 31st and collectively underwrite the world premiere of Lavender Country- the ballet!

Click here to donate to Post:Ballet’s “Lavender Country” production today!

All donations are tax-deductible, and patrons supporting Post:Ballet’s Lavender Country fundraising campaign will receive special perks as outlined below:

$1,000. Front row personal couch for two, plus Lavender Country record signed by Patrick Haggerty

$500. Pair of VIP front row tickets, Lavender Country record signed by Patrick Haggerty

$250Lavender Country record signed by Patrick Haggerty

$150. Instigator Fashion “Wild West” costume rental for the performance/party

$100. Lavender Post:Ballet sweater

$50. Lavender Post:Ballet t-shirt

$25. Lavender Country CD

*Patrons will receive the perk corresponding to their gift level. If you would like a different (lower level) perk, or do not wish to receive a perk for your donation, please include this information in the box provided at checkout.


Photo: Allie Papazian and Keon Saghari, costume design by Christian Squires, photo by Natalia Perez