Post:Ballet is lead by a collective of artists and art lovers dedicated to the company’s vision



The Post:Core directs the artistic vision of the organization in collaboration with the Artistic Director

Robert Dekkers
Founder, Artistic Director

Andy Meyerson
Music Director

Natalia Perez
Engagement Director

Vanessa Thiessen
Resident Choreographer

Christian Squires
Creative Director



Our organization is supported by a small but mighty staff, a dedicated Board of Directors, and committed community of volunteers.

Robert Dekkers
Executive Director

Natalia Perez
Assistant to the Director

Board of Directors

Trista Bernstein, President

Adam Broidy, Vice President

Gordon Gladstone, Treasurer

Katrina Destree, Member

Riley Nicholson, Member



Post:Ballet exists because of our generous patrons. Every donation, whatever the size, supports the work of our small but mighty organization. Our Post:Partners are donors whose contributions make an exceptional impact on our ability to create new works for our community. The Post:Partners listed here made donations of $1,000 or more this and/or last season. To make a donation to Post: today, click…



Post: believes you are the company you keep, and we’re honored to have worked with such a talented, insightful, and creative team of artists over the past ten years. If you’d like to submit your work for a potential collaboration with Post:, please email us by clicking…



Anonymous (2)

Jill Andre

Jan Berletti

Josh + Trista Bernstein

Nicholas Berte

Heejay Chung

Stephen + Chris Gilbert

Nicholas Hepler + Ander Olson

Deborah O’Grady

Michael Marchand + Jeremy Smith

Jordan Moncharmont + Leigh Biddlecome

Andrew Saunders + Tyler Benari

Yas Opisso, animator

Stephen Goldblatt, animator

Robby Gilson, architect

Catherine Caldwell, architect

Logan Scharadin, choreographer

Vanessa Thiessen, choreographer

Marta Dymek, cinematographer

Morgan Frasier, cinematographer

Amir Jaffer, cinematographer

John Sanborn, cinematographer

Samuel Adams, composer

Sharmi Basu, composer

Daniel Berkman, composer

Chris Cerrone, composer

Danny Clay, composer

Jacob Cooper, composer

Nicole Lizée, composer

Adrian Knight, composer

Anna Meredith, composer

Matthew Pierce, composer

Jonathan Pfeffer, composer

Riley Nicholson, composer

Jacob Wolkenhauer, composer

Marlowe Bassett, costume designer

Jan Berletti, costume designer

Christine Darch, costume designer

Susan Roemer, costume designer

Christian Squires, costume designer

Jack Carpenter, lighting designer

Jim French, lighting designer

David Robertson, lighting designer

Tricia Cronin, photographer

David DeSilva, photographer

David Jouris, photographer

Natalia Perez, photographer

Quinn Wharton, photographer

Jeffrey Zygmunt, sculptor

Enrique Quintero, visual artist