Create. Collaborate. Engage.


I launched Post:Ballet in 2010 with a vision to facilitate creative exploration, experimental collaboration, and artistically driven programming that engages both artists and audiences in new and meaningful ways.

Over the last ten years, we’ve grown into a company that consistently defies expectations. The community of Post:Ballet is passionate about taking risks, pursuing curiosity, and presenting unique performance experiences that connect us as individuals and as a collective.

As the official company of Berkeley Ballet Theater, Post:Ballet is inspired to continue redefining what “ballet” is and who it is for, using classically-based technique as a means, and not an end, to artistic expression. By providing a space where creative minds working in diverse mediums can engage with the visceral, kinetic art form of dance to share their unique perspectives with others, Post:Ballet is committed to continuing is mission to present work that is “decidedly daring and anything but risk averse” (SF Chronicle).

Thank you for being a part of the Post:Ballet family. I look forward to continuing to grow together as we enter our second decade of collaboration here in the Bay Area!


Robert Dekkers
Founder and Artistic Director

Robert Dekkers with the Post:Ballet dancers, photo by Tricia Cronin

Robert Dekkers with the Post:Ballet dancers, photo by Tricia Cronin